About Me

“The Gazebo Effect” conjures images of sitting around with a drink and chatting with friends about the world, the possibilities it presents and the wonders that exist in it. Or, if we feel like living dangerously, chatting about what lies beyond our planet. This is what I aim for the blog to be. I write about what interests/excites me and hope others feel the same and join the discussion. I especially like to ask the ‘what if?’ questions.

I am Irish, living among the English. After spending four years completing a science degree, another year gaining a masters and the last few working in labs, my fascination with science is stronger than ever. My stats tell me the majority of my visitors are from the US, so be warned, I write using the correct spelling of words, with -ise instead of -ize and colour instead of color.

So make yourself comfortable and let’s prepare to learn something unexpected…



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